Miriam L, New Rochelle, NY

Thank u from the bottom of my heart. We just spent several days in Idaho for the parent workshop and I still cannot get over how much our son has changed during his three months there. Ari and I never ever would have believed that in three months time he would be able to self advocate, self regulate and demonstrate such appropriate self control.   When we came to you we were scared and Ari especially was very skeptical. So many experts had told us over the years that they would know the answer to Matt's difficulties. As we told every parent there and here in our community, you truly took the time to get to know him through interviews of everyone who had dealt with him including us and Matt himself and through this process you really got to know him. Your placement was truly the solution for all of us. It was the hardest decision we ever made and I miss my Matt like crazy ESP after seeing him this weekend but I also know that this is what is going to help him so much and make his journey to adulthood easier and equip him with skills that will benefit him forever. I have tried many times to write all this down but I have been so numb since that day In February when we made this decision and just couldn't. This first parent workshop un- numbed me and the tears have been pouring since and I finally am able to fully thank you for all.

Andrew D., Larchmont, NY

Working with Debbie was wonderful.   She really got to know our son and understood his needs.   Because of her encyclopedic knowledge of the universe of private schools she was able to suggest the most appropriate schools for him.   Debbie provided us with peace of mind and did a fantastic job guiding us through the admissions process and was able to help us figure out the optimal school for our son.

Brian & Laura G, Chappaqua, NY

Debbie made us feel comfortable from the start when looking into sending our 13 year old son to private school. She truly delivered on her promise to understand his needs and desires, match him perfectly with appropriate schools and work with our family through the admissions process. She introduced us to many hard to find alternatives and was an outstanding advocate for him not only with the schools but also with us!  Thank you Debbie!

Phil and Ronni R., Creskill, NJ

My wife and I have worked with Myrna Harris and Debbie Finn for several years now in connection with identifying educational opportunities for our son, who has significant language disabilities. They thoughtfully took on the task – getting to know our son through meeting with him and interviewing people who know him well – and then recommended a truly unique post secondary school (that we had not previously known about) that has provided our son with tremendous opportunities in academic, social and vocational areas. We are now working with Myrna and Debbie again, planning for our son’s next step after he completes post secondary school next year. Myrna and Debbie are unique people. They truly understand how emotional an issue disability is for parents – and how important it is to listen closely to the beliefs and feelings of both the student and the parents. We most highly recommend their unique services.

Lisa J., Brooklyn, NY

Debbie Finn has been wonderful in helping us to look at a range of boarding school options specific to our needs.  She is a great listener, incredibly responsive and has literally held our hand throughout the process.  We have valued her advice enormously.

Chris C, NYC

My experience with Harris/Kramer beginning during a family crisis in 2012 has been nothing short of remarkable. Debbie Finn offered clear, concise advice on the very personal subject of our children, and was always available.  I hope and trust that my family’s experience with Debbie will be a marquee for ALL future families seeking alternative educational opportunities for their children.

Robin G, New York

I am thrilled to have found Debbie. We were under time pressure and Debbie moved incredibly quickly while being discriminating and insightful in understanding my daughter’s needs. She found an excellent school and the just-right fit for my child.  I can't imagine a smoother painless process and placement than the service provided by Debbie at HarrisKramer.

Student- NYC

Myrna and Marcia "doubled teamed" team me! I had two voices in my  head powering me on and I appreciated both.

Scott Leshin- SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates LLC

As a health insurance advocate for families of children with special needs and/or mental health illnesses, I pride myself on working with like minded professionals who understand the urgent and sensitive nature of working for such families.  It is very important to be compassionate and empathetic while at same time providing a level of service that is immediate and results driven. Fortunately, I have the privilege of working with such professionals at Harris Kramer.  Harris Kramer provides a level of service that few in the Educational Consulting industry can match.  Their thoughtfulness and thoroughness is evident in every case we work together on.  I am thankful for the work we have done together, and I look forward to more in the future. The families we work for deserve nothing less than the excellence that Harris Kramer provides.

Parents- Westchester

Myrna and Jodi were a dynamic duo when it came to helping us in a crisis. Together they guided us through the entire process.

Family- NJ

Marcia and Jodi were amazing together! They were a tireless team bringing in all the right resources to help us.

Jacob- NY

The idea of starting college, away from home is frightening, to say the least, but I am enrolled and come January will be a full-time student at the University of Vermont. The direct, no-bullshit attitude you took with me worked. I respect how much attention you give to your applicants, ensuring that all work is completed to an acceptable degree. Thank you again for all the work you've done for me.

Jane- NY

I met Marcia a number of years ago, when we first became educational consultants and met at a professional conference. We were drawn to each other because of our mutual understanding of higher education, the need for clear voices about the real issues and not about items that pose as issues, and about concern for our clients, our students. Marcia understands her students perhaps more than any other ed consultant I have ever worked with. She has an uncanny ability to “get” them, to help them figure out what they want and what they need to do in order to reach their goals. Families who hire her are lucky to have placed themselves in her trust.

Adrienne Lederer, MD

It is always a pleasure working with Myrna Harris. Myrna is great at collaborating with health care providers.  She has accumulated a vast knowledge and referral base in her years of doing consulting work.  What I appreciate most about working with Myrna is that she has actually visited the places she is describing and referring my patients to.  This provides a tremendous level of comfort to all involved.

Naomi, Pelham

Myrna Harris is both extremely professional and caring. She is very smart and sensitive and works beautifully and effectively with families and the young adults or adolescence who are lucky to find her. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in more information.

JME- Kingston, NY

Jodi is very professional, knowledgeable and dependable. I would highly recommend her to any family wanting assistance with advocating for their child.

Aaron & Barbara- Glen Ridge, NJ

We outsourced the total college application process for our daughter to Marcia. It was the most pleasant senior year we could ever have imagined! We heard nothing until 1 week before Christmas when the first half of our daughter's applications were ready; a week later the second half were complete. The acceptances began hitting our mailbox the first week of January! What a relief and a pleasure! When our son started his junior year, we again turned to Marcia for her expert advice. It went equally as well with a senior year, early decision acceptance to a school that Marcia recommended that is a perfect match. From developing the list of candidate schools to filling out applications and meeting deadlines, Marcia focused on our children's strengths, needs and dreams. We have recommended Marcia to many of our friends who have thanked us time and again.

Elizabeth- NY

I met Marcia a number of years ago, when we first became educational consultants and met at a professional conference. We were drawn to each other because of our mutual understanding of higher education, the need for clear voices about the real issues and not about items that pose as issues, and about concern for our clients, our students. Marcia understands her students perhaps more than any other education consultant with whom I have ever worked. She has an uncanny ability to “get” them, to help them figure out what they want and what they need to do in order to reach their goals. Families hiring her are lucky to have placed themselves in her trust. Jane, NY I have had the pleasure of working with Marcia Kramer over a year, having her mentor me as an Independent Education Consultant. I have seen how Marcia takes such care with the students and families she works with to ensure the right fit college is selected and all steps are completed to maximize a student’s success. She has a wealth of knowledge about higher education institutions nationwide and an exemplary understanding of the college admissions process. I am thankful for all the advice and knowledge she has imparted to me and know with the utmost confidence her students are in the best possible hands.

Katie- NJ

Marcia did a wonderful job of evaluating our son and our family's financial situation and came up with a list of schools, many of which were not on our "radar." It turned out one of the schools on the list was exactly the right fit. Marcia's extensive knowledge of colleges and universities and her expert guidance through the application process were invaluable. Our son was admitted to his first choice school and they were able to offer him a generous financial package. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Barbara- Montclair, NJ

Marcia Kramer did the impossible. She made senior year manageable and relatively stress-free. She has a unique knack of immediately connecting with both kids and parents. Marcia helped create a list of schools that were well-suited to our son and that he was excited about. She then made sure all Andrew's application materials were well-polished, on time, and most important, perfectly reflective of who he is. I can't imagine going through the college process without Marcia! She gets our highest recommendation.

Zachary L.- Northwestern U

Marcia helped me raise my college essays and applications to a level I didn’t know I was capable of reaching. Frankly, there is no way I would have been accepted into my first-choice school without her enormous help.

Linda M- Montclair, NJ

Marcia’s services have been a gift to our family. She has skillfully and patiently worked with our daughter to find the right college match. We would recommend her to anyone embarking on the college search!

Lisa B.- Montclair, NJ

Marcia’s patience, her perseverance and her ability to motivate our child to do the right thing have made this college search easier. Your child may resist you, but Marcia’s Magic gets your child to do the things they won’t.

Jill- NJ

I came to Marcia Kramer completely clueless and overwhelmed about the college search for my son. I needn't have worried though, as she "got" my poorly equipped, super-smart, ADD son quickly. As a kid who would never accept help, he actually was happy to work with Marcia from the get-go. Miraculous! My take is that Marcia Kramer has a mission, and it's a refreshing one. To her each kid is unique, and her job is to figure out what the right fit is for them to have a successful college experience. Her college help is also almost as much, if not more, about moving parents from fixating on prepping their child for a desired set of colleges, to making a realistic match that works. Guidance is practical, forward-focused. Once a college list is developed, she keeps everyone focused, with a well-prioritized to-do list. She brings in great people to help the kids do everything themselves while making sure things stay on-track. Marcia talks straight with the kids and knows their world intimately. She is knowledgeable and tells it like it is. There's no superior, patronizing attitude, or fear of working outside the box with kids, she is practical like a carpenter (let's build this house!), all of which my son really appreciated. She also knows an amazing amount about all the colleges out there. My son is half-finished with his applications. I can't believe it, but we all are feeling calm, far more informed, and, dare I say, centered, about the whole process.


Jodi was extremely helpful to us in our time of need. Jodi is very knowledgeable in special education law. She was easy to talk to and always accessible, even on very short notice. Jodi came through for us when we needed her the most. I truly believe that if Jodi Liston had not been at our side during our meetings, we would still be fighting an uphill battle and getting nowhere. As it is, Jodi helped us get our child to an appropriate placement, which would have been an impossible or otherwise very difficult task. I highly recommend Jodi if you are in need of a special education advocate. You will not be disappointed.

CC- Poughaug, NY

We engaged Jodi's services to assist moving our son from a Special Education Classroom to an Integrated, Co-Teach setting. From the start, Jodi was professional, knowledgeable and offered a wealth of information and direction. Jodi has a keen understanding of the intricacies of the school districts and is familiar with many of the personnel therein. She was integral in planning our agenda and assistance was offered every step of the way, from advice on appropriate Doctor consultations, and paperwork to Legal consultation when necessary. Jodi also served as a strong, supportive voice for us in our face-to-face meeting with the school district, helping us as parents feel empowered and successful.

JME- Kingston,NY

Liston Advocates assisted our family with getting needed services and supports for our son. Jodi is very professional, knowledgeable and dependable. I would highly recommend her to any family wanting assistance with advocating for their child.

RR- Poughkeepsie, NY

Sitting around the table at CSE meetings can be very intimidating. Our initial exposure to the experience was a disaster. The professionals in the room had their own agenda and were very unresponsive to our inquiries and concerns. Walking out of the meeting we knew what they wanted to provide was not what our grandchild needed. We looked around for assistance and we were referred to Jodi. The next meeting was completely different. Our concerns were met and the placement, program and services were altered. We got services we didn’t even know we were entitled to! There is no doubt in my mind we would not have the same program for our grandson had Liston Advocates not come to our aid.

SB- Brookfield, CT

I was referred to Jodi through my cousin who is also a long-standing client with Liston Advocates. I never had to encounter the overwhelming feeling of dealing with my child's education on this level. When I met Jodi I felt like there was no need to worry. The burden was lifted and my child and I were protected and in good hands. I can't express the gratitude I have for Jodi. She knows the ropes and nothing gets by her. She is a wealth of information and I feel safe knowing the care and effort she puts into making sure my child's rights are met. She will continue to advocate for my child.

CN- Wappingers Falls, NY

When my daughter with special needs was ready to enter Kindergarten, I wanted to make sure she would continue to get the support she needed to feel successful in school. Upon entering my first meeting with the school district's Committee on Special Education (CSE), I felt confident we could all work together as a team to develop an appropriate educational plan for my daughter. What I found was the school district not only disregarded my input as a parent, but they also dismissed the reports and recommendations of my daughter's teachers, therapists and doctors. The whole process left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. That is when my daughter's speech therapist recommended I call Jodi Liston. Jodi thoroughly reviewed my daughter's file, consulted with me and then accompanied me to the next CSE meeting. Her presence at the meeting really leveled the playing field. She has an extensive knowledge of education law and was able to address the committee with firm confidence. Without her advocacy, I probably would have walked away defeated. I am happy to say my daughter now receives the support services she needs in her Kindergarten class. My family and I are truly grateful to Jodi for her hard work and dedication.

Joseph T. Schippa, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist- NY

It is always a pleasure working with Myrna Harris. Myrna is great at collaborating with healthcare providers. She has accumulated a vast knowledge and referral base in her years of doing consulting work. What I appreciate most about working with Myrna is that she has actually visited the places to which she is describing and referring my patients. This provides a tremendous level of comfort to all involved.

Eileen Psaki LCSW- Greenwich, CT

Working with Myrna Harris has been a most gratifying experience. I am amazed by her uncanny ability to find just the right program for her clients and their families. She is thoughtful, respectful and passionate about the uniqueness of each individual. Myrna just gets it!!

Evan Flamenbaum, M.A., M.A., M.S.W Academic Director- Academic West Jeffrey Kassinove, Ph.D. Clinical Director at Therapy, West Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Myrna is a consummate professional at helping families find educational and therapeutic settings that best fit their needs. Her vast depth of knowledge and genuine compassion enables her to put families at ease as they navigate the complex process of selection. We have worked collaboratively with her for many years and rely on her professional guidance to best serve families. She is exceptional at what she does and unrivaled in her field!

Parent- Chappaqua, NY

24-7 – that’s when Myrna is working for our family. When we have a new crisis, we email Myrna, and before she gets back to us, Myrna has already contacted the appropriate people at the program where our daughter is, and has gotten to the bottom of the situation. We may not always like what she has to tell us, but it is always straight to the heart of the matter. And she relates so well to our daughter; asks her the tough questions. Myrna is wonderful; don’t know what we would do without her.

Kathy- Chappaqua

For us, Myrna's combination of compassion, pragmatism, almost uncanny ability to understand our child and exhaustive knowledge of programs available and appropriate for her was invaluable.

Epstein's from Brookville, Long Island

Myrna Harris transformed our daughter's life. Myrna's instant connection with our daughter enabled TWO successful placements for her. Our daughter is on her way to a full life replete with community, friends and employment. Impossible to do on one's own.

Maria- NY

I met Myrna in February 2012. I walked into her office after having spoken to her on the phone and having sent my son's testing, evaluations and records. She interviewed my son and was able to get him to open up. My husband and I were extremely concerned about his future. He had been recently diagnosed with Aspergers disorder. He was a very bright boy, but struggled academically and socially. As he got older, he wanted to fit in and unfortunately the peers he chose were heading him down a negative path. We tried several different schools, including military school, therapists, tutors, and medication but nothing worked. We always questioned our decision and hoped and wondered if we were doing the right thing. Myrna immediately saw our son to be a fragile at-risk child. Not only did she know which program he would fit best in, she also knew which therapist she wanted him to be with. She made all the calls, spoke to the program director and sent all of his testing. He started two days later. We were so happy to know that we didn't have to question our decision. We made it with the help of someone that truly knew. It was such a relief knowing he was getting the help he needed to make the most out of his life. It's almost two years later and our son is doing so well. He's a different child, with a 3.7 GPA and a strong desire to work hard and do well. If it weren't for Myrna's compassion, knowledge, intuition and relationship with so many of the programs we would be in a much different place. My family will be forever grateful for all she has done for us and for giving us back our son.

Annette-Long Island

Sometimes you meet someone who is doing what they are genetically predisposed to do. That's Myrna with her unique ability to be forthright without threatening, which is something parents of at-risk children desperately need. You call Myrna because you're lost and need a new course that has a good chance of getting you, and your child, where you would like to be. This is not easy stuff. On the way up to Katonah to their first meeting both my girls were very "anti-Myrna." By the time we left the office they were hugging her goodbye. She has since placed my two very different children in two very different wilderness programs and schools. She knows these programs and schools and she knows the people who are running them. She will get to know you and most importantly she will get to know your child. Once she places your child Myrna stays on the case. But know, it's not a guaranteed homerun or smooth ride. Sometimes the placement isn't right but know Myrna stays right there with you and corrects the course. She's your ring buoy.

Sita & Steven, formerly from New York

Myrna very accurately and quickly read my son, understood him, his problems and needs, and placed him in programs and schools that were a really good fit. She knows her schools and programs and the people who run them and work there, is always current (she makes regular visits to these establishments) and is thorough in her research. She continued to follow my son well after he was placed. Her service and commitment to my son was remarkable. She did a pretty good job hand-holding us, his parents, throughout the whole process too! Without her help, we would have been lost.

Don- Armonk

Myrna helped us find our way through the dark when we weren't sure where to turn or who to trust. Part of me thinks we would still be lost without her.

Linda- NY, NY

What you may not understand at this early juncture, however, is how crucial to the success of this entire undertaking your educational consultant will be. Today our daughter is doing really, really well. Her struggles are by no means over but she is so much better equipped, self-aware and happy than she was before. She worked really hard for that – something Myrna had absolutely no influence or control over. But, Camille would have never had a shot at this happier life and been as successful in her programs, if she had not been in the programs that were right for her, and I know I would not have found these programs, and Camille would not have possibly been accepted, without Myrna. Of all the intangibles you are facing at this moment choosing Myrna Harris to help you in the process will eliminate one of the most important from your list. Myrna was our partner in this very difficult journey – she was our number-one resource and advocate. And while you should never stop being the parent/consumer/ultimate decision-maker in this process Myrna Harris will give you the resources, insight and support you need to do what you need to do to the very best of your ability.

Isabelle B.- Bedford Corners, NY

Now, two-and-a-half years later, life is characterized primarily by hope, a reasonable degree of peace, and even wonderful pockets of happiness…versus a gaping black hole of unremitting desperation and despair. It has been a process, a process that has required very hard work—by my son, myself, my son’s entire therapeutic team, and others—and the process will continue, because that is life. The most instrumental individual in this entire process has been Myrna Harris. Myrna does not simply carry out her due diligence and disappear from one’s life: Myrna keeps your child—and you—on her radar continually. She was not only concerned one thousand percent with my son’s well-being, but was also sincerely concerned that I not “go under” from the stress, and regularly checked in with me to see if I was okay. She goes above and beyond the call of duty at every turn. She is indefatigable, and not only gets to know every last thing about her clients so as to make an appropriate placement but also travels extensively throughout the country year-round and knows every detail about and virtually every employee of the programs and schools she recommends. I would like to emphasize one more point: What Myrna does is highly specialized. This is not like Googling the Top 100 High Schools in the U.S. or the Top 100 Colleges & Universities. Those lists are based on statistical data, which is fine. But in the realm of serious help for serious circumstances, you will find no such lists. You will find many programs and schools tooting their own horns on their websites—but you will not find independent evaluations by interested observers…who want only the best for their clientele. That’s Myrna.

Jill- NJ

My take is that Marcia Kramer has a mission, and it's a refreshing one. To her, each kid is unique.

Kathy- Chappaqua

For us, Myrna's combination of compassion, pragmatism, almost uncanny ability to understand our child was invaluable.

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