Our families come to us when their child’s current school is no longer meeting their needs or challenging them to grow.  We visit hundreds of schools and partner with admission directors, therapists, and educators at each one.  We use our intimate knowledge to help you decide what your child needs to reach his or her unique potential.  We spend the time personally meeting with your family, evaluating records and speaking with others who understand your child’s strengths and struggles so that we can suggest the “right fit.”   We do not work cross-country; our referrals come from families whom we have served and professionals who trust in our integrity and ability to collaborate and assess. We specialize in suggesting schools offering a variety of supports and structures to help students access their best selves.

  • Initial phone call with Gail to get your information
  • Initial phone call with consultant to see if we are the right fit
  • Send in records electronically for review by consultant prior to initial consultation
  • Initial consultation
  • Meeting with child/client
  • Collaboration with your child’s treatment team
  • Interviews with any other relevant people
  • Our write-up is sent along with packets to programs for review and discussion
  • Appropriate programs are presented to you for review and visitation
  • Follow-up 6 months after placement

In case of a crisis, this process can occur within 48 hours.  Your child’s safety is our first concern.


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